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"Writing is it’s own experience."

– Henry Miller


Write where and when it suits you in our "Writing Room". Start fresh or upload an extract, a concept, a work in progress or an already published text. Let us be the platform for you to connect with your readers.


Check out your "Report Card" for detailed feedback based on the reader's forum, survey results and analytics. Let your readers help refine and make your writing shine.


Share extracts of your writing in the "Reading Room". Upload three thousand words and discover what your readers think, through our unique survey questions, comments, star ratings and analytics.


In the "Reading Room" discover aspiring and established writers. Engage, pose questions, share extracts with others and follow your favourite writers. Be a part of our reading and writing community.


Take your completed manuscript to the market place, provide links for online purchase, and let our community of book lovers spread the word.

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How many writers gave up too soon? What have we, the readers, missed out on? What if J.K Rowling had given up with rejection number 12, Seuss after number 27, or Stephen King at 30 rejections? Isn’t it time we let the reader decide?

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iWrite iRead is a reading and writing platform that harnesses the interaction, opinion and contribution of real readers in real time. Invaluable feedback assists in the creation of well rounded, market ready books for writers along side an established audience of readers.

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