Frequently Asked Questions

What is iWriteiRead?

iWrite iRead is the digital platform where writers share 3000 word samples of their best work with passionate readers keen to discover emerging talented authors.

Be they samples from works in progress, published or unpublished, the posted works appear in our Reading Room where anyone who loves reading can sample your writing. Readers are invited to

- Share links to your sample on social media.

- Ask the author questions about the sample.

- Comment on and discuss the work with the author and fellow readers.

- Follow writers via links provided.

- Purchase completed books via the attached links.

- Help writers refine their craft by completing writer customised surveys for each sample

Why iWriteiRead?

Disillusioned with traditional publishing industry practices, three literature loving writers set out to create to create a better way for talented writers to be discovered, and iWriteiRead was the result!

Dr Seuss was rejected 27 times, JK Rowling’s a mere 12, Scott Fitzgerald a whopping 122 times. Beatrix Potter gave up on the publishers and self published before a publisher took her on which goes to prove the publishing industry gets it wrong a lot: 28 out of 29 times in dr Seuss’ case, 122 out of 123 in Fitzgerald’s case.

The numbers made us wonder how many brilliant books have been written but never published, all because the writer gave up too soon, mistakenly believing the countless rejection letters! It’s impossible to imagine what we’ve been deprived off!

For every published author there’s likely to be thousands, if not tens of thousands of writers whobelieved the rejection letters. Your chances of being noticed are even less if you have no publishing industry contacts.

At iWriteiRead we’re taking a different approach; we’re going straight to the reader! IWriteiRead believes the detailed feedback of thousands of avid readers is a superior method to gauge the quality of your writing as opposed to a commissioning editor who, my industry contacts advise me, is unlikely to finish the first paragraph of the unsolicited manuscript you’ve invested so much of your soul in.

Why 3000 words?

We all know a hasty book purchase based on scanning a paragraph or two whilst browsing in book shops often ends in disappointment and an unfinished read. IWriteiread allows you to take it slowly over 3000 words, at a time, place, and device of your choosing. You don’t have to commit with iWriteiRead, It’s a bit like ‘living in sin, or trying before buying! Get to know that writer before you commit! At Iwriteiread we’re doing our bit to reduce the reader-writer divorce rate. So if you’re looking for a read that will last the distance, your chances are better at iWriteiRead!

Iwriteiread asks readers to read, share, comment on, and complete a brief ten question survey about the sample, and if thousands of readers strongly agree with the statement “I would buy this book based on this sample” ( question 9 from the reader survey) then maybe it’s time to selfpublish and provide your readers a purchase link? Let iWriteiRead be a vehicle for you to createa following of readers with the ability to promote your work by posting links to your sample on your followers social media.

For writers, iwriteiread connects you with the readers, encouraging you to learn from their comments as well as your Report Card which provides detailed analytics of reader behaviour and survey responses to your own customised questions.

If you love writing, then write, share, engage, discuss, refine, and promote your prose on iWriteiRead. It’s simple and it all comes down to whether the readers think you can write.

What does it cost?

Most of the services we offer are free. It’s free to write and promote your work, and it’s all free toread.

Do any of our services cost money?

The only cost at iWriteiRead is the report card. When a sample has 100 or more surveys completed, the author can chose to purchase a report card which provides feedback in terms of feedback questionnaires and analytics of reader behaviour.

What's in it for the reader?

It’s about the joy of reading. You know exactly what I mean if you’re a “reader”; that feeling of not being able to put down that book, and the sadness as the end of a great read draws near leaving you wanting more.

IWriteiRead welcomes readers to freely sample the first 3000 words of books be they completed, as well as works in progress, by both aspiring and established authors alike. It’s akinto being able to browse through a book store, reading the 3000 words of any book which takes your fancy.

It’s the reader who buys books, and that’s why iWriteiRead seeks the readers opinion, to help writers refine their craft. Whether it’s participating in the forum attached to each individual sample, messaging the author, providing a star rating or completing the author customised questionnaire at the conclusion of each sample, are a reader. And if you find a stand out sample, tell your friends on social media providing a link to the sample. At iWriteiRead, the reader has the potential to uncover masterpieces that mainstream publishing industry overlooked.

If the sample is from a completed work, the reader can follow the links provided for purchase.

What's in it for the writer?

Posting samples in our reading room is completely free.

Writers can promote links for purchase of their works for Free.

Writers can build a following of readers for Free

Writers can view their star rating for Free.

Writers can read all comments posted regarding their sample for Free, follow and participate in the discussion about the sample, our terms and conditions aiming to provide an entirely positive and constructive environment for writer and reader alike.

Writers keen to learn more can access their report card for $50 (AUD) The Report Card contains the results of survey questions and reader analytics; all of which are presented graphically. Survey results and reader analytics and filterable according to readers age, gender and country of residence, allowing the writer to gain a detailed understanding of who really connects with their work and who doesn’t.

Can I be a reader and a writer?

Definitely yes, hopefully you’ll do both.

How do I get started

1) Create an account

2) Log in

3) Create your profile

And then it all depends on whether you’re here to write or read. Enter the writing room or the reading room and get started.

How do I share a sample.

Enter the writing room and follow the prompts. Write on site, upload a file or copy and paste your sample.

Fill in the author information panel, upload a book cover, customise the reader survey questions if the default questions don’t cut it, and publish your sample in the reading room for all our readers to enjoy or share only with friends.

What do I do if I just want to read.

Enter the reading room, scroll through the titles or use the search bar searching by genre, title or writer. Browse as though you’re in your favourite book store when and where it suits you. Andplease, in the spirit of supporting the ‘Indie’ writer sharing their work, please say thanks by filling in their customised questionnaires. If you think they’re worthy, share the samples you love on social media. As a reader, iWriteiRead values your opinion. Why not help a writer by sharing your opinion, don’t let the wisdom of an experienced reader go to waste.